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Modern technology means that heating large commercial areas, offices, shops or any other commercial space has never been easier.

There are energy efficient products available for every building type. Controlling which areas or rooms are heated or cooled is easy, and we can even integrate hot water, ventilation and control solutions.

As with the domestic products we sell, modern refrigerants are vastly more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. This means you can use air conditioning all year round in the knowledge that only the most efficient and environmentally friendly components are used.


  • Split System Heat Pumps
  • Multi Split Heat Pumps
  • Ducted Heat Pumps
  • Air Purifiers
  • Altherma Hydronic Heating
  • High Wall Mounted
  • Floor Console
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Central Heating
  • Multi-Room
  • Controllers and Apps

Heatpump Specialists

We specialise in Daikin and Mitsibishi Heatpumps in the Nelson/Tasman region. We work with only the most trusted names in the Heatpump and Air Conditioning industry and service both the domestic and commercial market.

Free Assessment and Quote

By visiting you and discussing your exact requirements, we ensure that the most efficient heating or cooling system is installed in your home or business. If you install the correct size for the space you will maintain both optimum comfort, and optimum economy. Talk to us about a free assessment and quote.

Environmently Friendly

We install some of the leading products in durability and efficiency, which makes them better for the environment. The more efficient your heatpump, the less it will cost you to run, and the less it will impact on the environment. In addition, our products use environmentally conscious refrigerant which has a significantly lower impact on the environment than those used previously.

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